Best Gaming Headphones under 3000 in India 2023

Best Gaming Headphones under 3000 in India 2022

Best Gaming Headphones under 3000 in India 2023

In the world of gaming, sound effects can make or break your experience. When you’re in the middle of an intense round of Halo, having great Gaming Headphones that let you hear every footstep and gun blast can help you to win and increase your gaming experience.

In this, today's era so many different models of Gaming Headphones are available in online markets, but it can be hard to know which one to choose when you’re ready to upgrade your sound system in the next few days.

Luckily, we’ve done the research for you and found the Best Gaming Headphones that are available for under 3000 rupees in India. Check out our list below and choose from one of our top 6 picks! The next time you’re looking to upgrade your gaming setup, consider these top-rated options to get you started!

This article will take you through some of the Best Gaming Headphones under 3000 in India 2023 that are durable, comfortable, and provide high-quality sound to give you an amazing gaming experience. Let’s get started!.

List of Best Gaming Headphones under 3000 in India 2023

Best Seller 1 Best Seller 1 Eksa E900 Wired Over Ear Headphones
  • Model no:E900
  • Type:Over-ear
  • Drivers:50mm Drivers
  • Frequency:20-20KHz
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Best Seller 2 Best Seller 2 boAt Immortal IM1000D Dual Channel
  • Model no:Immortal IM1000D
  • Type:Over ear
  • Drivers:50 mm Driver
  • Frequency:20-20KHz
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Best Seller 3 Best Seller 3 EKSA E3000 Gaming Headphones
  • Model no:E3000 Dark Black
  • Type:Over Ear
  • Drivers:50mm neodymium
  • Frequency:20-20KHz
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Best Seller 4 Best Seller 4 JBL Quantum 100, Wired Over Ear
  • Model no:QUANTUM
  • Type:Over Ear
  • Drivers:40 mm Dynamic Driver
  • Frequency:20 Hz - 20 kHz
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Best Seller 5 Best Seller 5 Cosmic Byte Equinox Europa 7.1
  • Model no:Equinox Europa Red
  • Type:Over Ear
  • Drivers:Dual Drivers 7.1
  • Frequency:20Hz-20KHz
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1. EKSA E900 Wired Stereo Gaming Headset


Model no     E900

Type     Over-ear
Drivers     50 mm Driver
Frequency     20-20KHz
Weight      270g

Compatibility X Box, PS4, PSP, Nintendo 3DX, Mobile

EKSA E900 wired stereo gaming headset has unique, comfortable over-ear design gaming headphones. This headphone comes with an adjustable metal headband, flexible microphone, thin memory foam cushion pads, and big and soft earmuffs, they are very lightweight and comfortable for use. There will be no pain in your ears if you are using it for a long time.

These gaming headphones come with high-quality 50mm over-ear speakers that give you an impressive Sound experience while you are playing high-rated games like PUBG, Call of Duty, Red Dead Redemption, etc, or watching videos and movies. The headphone also comes in 4 different colors option Blue, Green, Rea, and Purple.

The high-sensitive noise reduction 3.5mm microphone and one key mute system will help you to reduce background noise. Its also compatible with Ps4, Ps5, Xbox, Pcs, Laptops, iMac, Android, and iOs Devices, This headphone is perfect for gamers who want the Best Gaming Headphones under 3000 budget.

02. boAt Immortal IM1000D Gaming Headphones


Model no     Immortal IM1000D

Type     Over-ear
Drivers     50 mm Driver
Frequency     20-20KHz
Weight      250g

Compatibility X Box, PS4, PS5, PSP, Nintendo, iMac

The boAt is a well-known brand in headphone peripherals, and its products usually come at affordable prices. The boAt Immortal IM1000D is one of their premium headsets that will easily fit your budget. It has all you would expect from a high-end headset; it is lightweight, comfortable to wear, and delivers good sound quality with strong bass. While it looks pretty basic on paper, you’ll be surprised by its performance once you plug it in. It delivers good sound quality through seven individually-adjustable speakers (50mm drivers) – 3 woofers and 4 tweeters that can also function as mid-range speakers to deliver a surround sound experience when connected to a 7.1 channel audio source such as your PC or gaming console.

You have the option to play games using virtual 7.1 channel surround sound and stereo mode as well, thanks to its built-in equalizer. Additionally, they have RGB LEDs on both earcups that flash in sync with incoming notifications on your device; they are customizable too via dedicated software. All things considered, they are great headphones if you want something cheaper but don’t compromise much in terms of build quality and comfort. I think these headphones are worth more than their asking price.

03. EKSA E3000 Gaming Headphones


Model no     Eksa E3000

Type     Over-ear

Drivers     50 mm Neodmium driver
Frequency     20-20KHz
Weight      540g

Compatibility X Box, PS4, Nintendo, window 10 XP, and Lynux

EKSA headphones by Performance Audio Lab, is a brand that is committed to producing top-quality audio accessories. These EKSA gaming headphones come with large 50mm high-definition neodymium speakers that are capable of producing crisp and clear sounds. We are talking about realistic 7.1 surround sound with an ultra-wide frequency response range of 20Hz - 20kHz.

EKSA E3000 Gaming headphones feature full-sized earcups which provide enough space for comfortable over-ear wearing and premium protein leather cushions that sit snugly against your ears without being too tight or too loose. The headband is super soft and flexible so you can wear it around your head all day long without feeling any discomfort. The mic is collapsible which means you can just bend it up when you don't need it. This ensures durability and guarantees long-lasting use as well.

Not only that but these headphones also boast a lightweight design which makes them extremely easy to carry around wherever you go whether it's in your pocket or bag. Additionally, they also include LED lights on each earcup that can be customized according to what situation they're needed in. For example, red color indicates low battery while blue indicates power off mode! There's no denying that even though they're less than 3 Kshs they still work excellently!

04. JBL Quantum 100, Wired Over-Ear Gaming


Model no     QUANTUM

Type     Over-ear

Drivers    40mm Dynamic driver
Frequency     20-20KHz
Weight     220 g

Compatibility PC, X-Box, Nintendo, mobile Mac, and VR

If you’re looking for a solid pair of gaming headphones on a budget, look no further than JBL. The Quantum headphones deliver accurate sound at an affordable price point. They might not be built for endurance, but they also aren’t flimsy. These headphones are comfortable and lightweight with decent audio quality for their price point and what they were designed to do. It provides accurate audio in a sleek design that lets you listen to all your favorite tracks. 

The ear cups swivel and can fold inward so they’re easy to pack away or store when not in use.

Their detachable mic works well and keeps your hands free so you can play games without issue—which is exactly what we want out of our best gaming headphones under 3000. A hard travel case would have been nice, though. But as long as you treat them right and don’t let them sit around filthy or soaked in soda, these headphones should serve you faithfully for years to come. While it doesn't have some of the best gaming headphone features like volume controls and noise cancellation abilities, if you're willing to forego some of those luxuries, then these lightweight cans could easily become your go-to travel companions — no matter where you go. Though if the style is important to you there are better options available as far as build quality goes.

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05. Cosmic Byte Equinox Europa 7.1


Model no     Equinox Europa Red

Type     Over-ear

Drivers    7.1 Dual driver
Frequency     20-20KHz
Weight     610 g

Compatibility PC, PS4, Android OTG

If you are looking for a good pair of gaming headphones under 3000 then you can try Cosmic Byte Equinox Europa 7.1 USB Dual Driver Gaming Wired Over-ear Headset with mic, Software, Spectra RGB LED, and ENC Microphone (Black, Pack Of 1). The setup is really easy and it comes with a gaming CD to install on your computer. There are drivers available for both Mac OS X and Windows-based computers.

The headphones have a built-in EQ which allows users to tweak their sound output. It’s very comfortable even after hours of use. The overall build quality is very good and the headset feels sturdy. It has separate controls for bass boost and voice mode on-ear cups for added convenience during long gaming sessions. This new version doesn’t have any complaints about the occasional crashing of software or missing frequencies as was found in earlier versions. All that can be said about these headphones is that they offer great value for money at a price of 3000 price tags.

It may not be considered as best gaming headphone but without a doubt is one of the best among its competitors which cost more than double its asking price. There are no driver issues anymore; all functions work as expected without any hesitation.

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